Our Mission

Our mission is promote appreciation of the night sky for everyone of all ages and knowledge levels. This includes observing with both the naked eye and with equipment such as telescopes and binoculars.

Fostering new interest in the night sky is accomplished through publishing articles in local papers with night sky highlights for the month, sponsoring public stargazing sessions and coordinating sessions with community organizations and local schools.

For those with a more indepth desire for knowledge we assist with the acquisition of information related to any aspect of astronomy.

Community Star Parties

We welcome inquiries from schools, community organizations and groups who may have an interest in our assisting you in conducting a “star party” as part of your activities. Feel free to contact us using our Contact Page for more information.

Need Help Using your Telescope?

If you or someone you know received a telescope or one of the newest stargazing instruments as a gift, or even if you have had one tucked away in a closet unsure about taking it out, AVAS members will gladly try to help you get started with your it if we can.

If you would like to have an opportunity to learn how to use a telescope that is new to you contact Jim Konowitz (719) 539-6839 or by using our Contact Page to initiate a possible get-together.

Orientations are usually best conducted in a lit (daytime or indoors) environment. If your new scope is a Go To or computerized model it is always helpful to bring your scope’s manual. If you do not have a copy of the manual check on the web to see if you can get a version.