A note from Jim Konowitz, AVAS organizer:

The Arkansas Valley Astronomical Society has been around for more than 20 years. I have had the rewarding opportunity to lead the group for many of those years. The time has come for me to seek someone who would be willing to take the reigns from me and take over the organization.

I am prepared to support in every way possible anyone interested through a transition period. My participation will continue with the group both with stargazing sessions and community involvement.

If you might be interested and have any questions please do no hesitate to contact me by email at There is absolutely no obligation making any kind of inquiry.

Clear Skies,

Jim Konowitz


About Arkansas Valley Astronomical Society Meetings 

Arkansas Valley Astronomical Society monthly meetings are always open to the public. Weather permitting, we typically meet once a month on the Friday or Saturday closest to the new moon. This strategy allows for a dark sky and some predictability of when each meeting might be scheduled.

Everyone, of all ages and knowledge levels, with or without equipment, is always welcome to join in stargazing with AVAS. At the meeting everyone will have the opportunity to view a variety of deep sky objects such as other galaxies, open star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae, and even some multiple star systems from binary stars up to sextuplet (6) stars.

Meetings are informal and are held to provide a group stargazing opportunity. Telescopes will be set up for everyone to enjoy our night sky and members will provide descriptions and interesting facts about the celestial wonders being viewed.

If you are not already on our mailing list you can use our simple Contact Page to ask any questions about AVAS or to be added to the list for notification of the time and location of our next opportunity for group stargazing.